Cultural Art

Picture 1Larry Yazzie, a Native Pride Dancer from the Meskwaki Nation, visited OP-C students the last Friday in September to share with them some of the vibrant history and culture of Native American life. He wore full regalia for his presentation for the students which was hand beaded especially for him, taking many hours to complete. He talked about Native American music and how his drum beat and music are connected to the Earth. He said he didn’t learn to dance as much as he learned to allow his body to move how it wanted with the music. His flute music was also representative of nature.

Mr. Yazzie performed traditional ceremonial dances for students, including eagle feathers. He told the students how these feathers were obtained through special permission from the USFWS National Eagle Repository. Native dancers can receive the feathers from eagles that die of natural causes to be used in traditional ceremonies.Picture 2

After his presentation, he took questions from students such as ‘when did you start your culture?’. He took the time to answer all questions as well as he could. The students really seemed to enjoy the stories and the information. Everyone had a great time! You can find more information on Larry Yazzie here.

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