Fall Into Fun

Farmer Jeanne talks about the parts of a pumpkin.

OP-C Kindergartners took their very first field trip to Johnson Farms in Belton, Mo. last week where they learned about life on a farm and growing and harvesting pumpkins.

When the kids arrived, they met with Farmer Jeanne. Farmer Jeanne told them about her farm, which she called her backyard. She taught them all about pumpkins. The gooey inside is called “netting” and the walls are called the “pulp,” just like an orange.

Farmer Jeanne went through all the rules of the farm. Most importantly: You can pet an animal’s neck, you can pet an animal’s back, but if they turn their head toward you, you have to pull your hands away! We all practiced petting pretend animals and moving our hands away when its head turned toward us.

After the rules were outlined, the kids all boarded an extra long trailer pulled by a tractor and rode out to the pumpkin patch. Farmer Jeanne told them normally they would have been able to get out and pick their own pumpkin, but it was too muddy because of all the rain. “I wouldn’t want you to bring home pieces of my backyard on your shoes,” she told them. Instead, they stayed on the trailer as the farm hand drove them around.

Next the kids went to the animal corral. They did a great job keeping their hands away from the big boar’s mouth when he wandered close to the fence. They also got a close look at some baby pigs, chicks, rabbits, an alpaca and a cow.

Kindergartners bounce on a giant air cushion.

After all the animal fun, the kids got to play in Noah’s Play Yard where there were attractions like the sand bus (really, a bus full of sand!) and a giant air cushion for bouncing on. Everyone had a great time playing! Then the students, teachers and parents all got together and had lunch outside. After lunch, students received a pumpkin and loaded the buses for the return to OP-C.


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