The First 100

100 Days 2The first 100 days of school for a kindergartner are magical. When I was a kid, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, chalk dust and the distinct sound of the radiator clanking away in the back of the classroom were fixtures of the classroom experience. Now, it’s somewhat different with mechanical pencils, whiteboards, digital learning and more. However, there are a surprising number of memories our children are creating that are similar to ours.

At the end of January our kindergartners celebrated their 100th day of school. During the celebration they engaged in numerous projects which, while being fun and helping them to celebrate, also took the time to showcase just how much they have learned in what feels like such a short time.

The kids counted to 100 using paper pennies which they glued onto a giant dollar. They put together puzzles which were make out of sections of numbered blocks that went up to 100. They made jewelry using 100 (or more) pieces of cereal. The kids delighted in having their photos taken with an app that showed them what they might look like in 100 years. There were so many different projects for them to do during the celebration that everyone seemed to have a great time. The real joy, however, was seeing how many of them can now count to 100, recognize all the numbers up to 100, understand some basic money denominations and more. It just goes to highlight what an amazing job our teachers are doing for our students every single day, even at the very earliest stages of their schooling. Thank you, teachers. For being so great.