Spring Training

IMG_3310-1As we approach the beginning of the baseball season, I wanted to share with you a field trip that was taken by the third graders last fall at Kauffman Stadium, known fondly to Royals’ fans as “The K.”

Baseball comes along every spring, bringing with it sunshine and optimism about the coming summer. It signifies the end of winter and the season of rebirth. The sport is timeless in nature. There is no clock and the game is played until it’s over. There are many things that tie baseball to our daily lives and thus, the Royals to our community. Helping our students understand how important a binding force in our community is to those that make it up is something that’s hard to teach. The feeling you get being at the stadium and being part of something larger than yourself. You can’t get that in pictures; it needs to be experienced.

IMG_3336-1The kids got to go out to The K and see the locker rooms where the players dress out. They went into the dugout where the team waits their turn to bat. There were other learning opportunities as well, such as measuring the baselines, the length of the bats, the distance from home plate to the pitcher’s mound and more. Also, the entire field was being replaced. Not something you get to see very often! The students all had a wonderful time and here’s to another season, another summer and another great year at OP-C!