Immeasurable Value

What is a volunteer and what is their value? Is volunteering about money? Is it measurable? Most volunteers I know would say “no.” Volunteering is about giving and working with others to make a meaningful contribution. Those contributions are invaluable to our school and our students.OPC Restaurant Night - Chick-Fil-A 9-2017

Volunteering has intrinsic value for those who choose to give their time. Volunteers become a part of something larger than themselves; they work toward a common goal. As a volunteer, you can get to know the students in your child’s classroom, get an inside look at the school, and see what your student is learning. You also get to meet and build relationships with other families. These relationships help build a strong community, and the PTA is at the center of it.

While donations are incredibly valuable to the PTA, volunteers are what keep our organization thriving and growing. Without donations we couldn’t offer all of the fun, educational events and support that our school needs. But its the volunteers who plan those events. They show up to support our teachers, they give their time at the kindergarten round up, or the carnival, or school parties.

1We know that not everyone has time to be a regular volunteer or has spare time to give during events at the school. Being a parent is time-consuming and hard work. Whether you are an official volunteer or contributing to our community through all the support you give your student, we appreciate you.

The PTA knows that we ask for a lot of volunteers at the end of the school year, and we know you always come through for us when we need you. If you have any free time available, even while attending one of our events to put in a little time to help out, we could use you. There is no greater way to add value to our community.

Right now, we could really use your help at the carnival. Any time you can give. Please consider signing up here.